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The details of writing blog software!
Creating a Blog Component   

I've begun the work of adding a blog component to Group commons, Inc.  Turns out that a "blog" isn't as well defined as people think its.  I thought it might be interesting to write about the development of a blog during the time that it is being built.  This should give some insight into the process of writing a blog as well as a look into the thought process required to integrate a blog more clearly into the larger framework that is Group Commons.    I'd like to use the blog tool as a means to keep moving forward.   I view writing as an integral part of the development process - especially when there is only one person who is creating the software.    It may be even more important when there are multiple people using it.

Feature #1:

So the number one feature of a blog is the ability to record in a WYSIWYG format, in  a chonological manner, entries.

Dates, Dates, Dates   

One of the defining features of a blog is a calender of dates.  

Another defining feature is categories associated with the blog.

Both of these get added today.

Features, Wishlists, Writing   

Features, Wishlists, writing and iterative growth builds solid code.

Getting back in the groove   

I got a bit distracted - now back at it.   Fixed an issue today where if you aren't on a day that has posting you won't see anything.

Multi Blog!   

So I've created the basic infastructure to handle multiple blogs.

I added the admin backend to configure whether its a multiblog or single user blog.

I added in the code (hopefully) to set the blog_id when submitting.


As I'm writing this blog, I'm trying to develop a basic method for building applications iteratively.  This turns out to be distinctly difficult.   Basically ideas and concepts and thoughts get lost in the mess. 

Here's a couple of concepts that I need to implement:

1) unique traceback url for each post

2) rss feed (atom, rss 1.0, rss2.0)



Security turns out to be a touchy issue with multiple blogs....and to avoid all the scammers out there.


Added in sorting by alphabetic, desc, and ascending.

Testing Images   

Here is a test of the content for images.

Third Posting   

I managed somehow to delete the first blog.    In the process of testing deletion and privileges, and synopsis, the first posting entry disappeared.  the first posting basically said that bold was not set up correctly and that I needed a synopsis field.


Traceback code   

I got the traceback code put in today.  This helps get the software much closer to what is expected of blog software.

Writing a Blog - Second Posting   

So, I cleaned up the "strong" problem - yahoos reset code takes strong and makes it standard font size.  The rest of the world doesn't do it that way. 

So now there is a page for each day - and my blog box on the main screen points each entry to that page.   Probably should do a tag ref to it as well. 

So one of the classic issues in the web world is whether you support one blog or many.    The code I'm writing for Group Commons will support both.  So the idea is that if you are a member of an organisation, then you can have your own blog among the members.    This is significantly harder to implement than a single blog entry system.

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