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jquery   (PDF)
Posted February 22nd, 2024

jquery is a javascript library that simplifies DOM management.
Basic Jquery Cheatsheet:

Get it from:

Run on Load
$(document).ready(function() {

Reference a type (e.g. a button)

Reference a class:

Reference an id:

css - add css rule to element
   Sample $(#myid).css('background-color','red');
   Note that its a comma between elements, not a colon
addClass - adds a class to an element
removeClass -removes a class from an element
html - sets body of element
text - set element text without evaluating
remove - removes an element
appendTo - appends selected element to new target
      Sample: $("#myid").appendTo("#target2");
clone - create a clone
     Sample: $("#myid").clone().appendTo("#target2");
parent - finds parent element of element selected.
children - finds children elements of element selected.
nth-child - finds nth child of element

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