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Technical Learning by Thomas Riemer

Daily blog of technology learned during the day.

bootstrap (March 1st, 2024)
bootstrap is a css framework
mongodb II (April 12th, 2024)
mongodb installation woes
Inbound Mail AWS (April 10th, 2024)
Amazon AWS limits inbound smtp requests.
perl (March 25th, 2024)
perl is an old school language.
Laravel II (March 25th, 2024)
Basic attempt to do a simple crud application.
postgres (March 22nd, 2024)
postgres is a database server
laravel (March 22nd, 2024)
Laraval is a popular framework for php
node.js (March 1st, 2024)
node.js is a server that runs javascript on the server
Upgrading Servers (March 1st, 2024)
Notes on upgrading to apache2.4.58/ php-8.3.1
react (February 22nd, 2024)
react is a frontend javascript implementation
jquery (February 22nd, 2024)
jquery is a javascript library that simplifies DOM management.
sass (February 22nd, 2024)
sass - syntactically awesome style sheets
Python (February 22nd, 2024)
Python is a popular language used for web development
mongodb (February 22nd, 2024)
Mongodb is a popular nosql server
TypeScript (February 9th, 2024)
TypeScript is typed javascript that compiles to javascript It reduces errors in javascript.
StarLink (January 10th, 2024)
A satellite internet service.
Docker (December 17th, 2023)
Docker is a tool used to manage the development/QA/release process

Web Tools
useful tools for web styling/development

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