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mongodb II   (PDF)
Posted April 12th, 2024

mongodb installation woes

Installation on aws 2023 /aws 2

So the general advice on the net is to do:

dnf install mongodb-org

When you get to mongosh ... you lose...

You'll get an error like:


[root@groupcorners /]# mongosh
mongosh: OpenSSL configuration error:
40C88FFB977F0000:error:030000A9:digital envelope routines:alg_module_init:unkno\
wn option:../deps/openssl/openssl/crypto/evp/evp_cnf.c:61:name=rh-allow-sha1-si\
gnatures, value=yes

And its all very sad!

So... to fix this:


dnf remove mongdb-org

dnf install ongodb-mongosh-shared-openssl3

dnf install mongodb-org


Somehow installing mongdb-org straight gets the wrong version of mongosh installed.

No one likes dependencies.

Now at least mongosh works.  Wish I knew where to send this bit so it gets fixed!

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